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What An Ass Kicking

What An Ass Kicking

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I want you to know something. 95% of me wanted to pump my chest on social media and tell you to hammer the Patriots at -6. Bet your entire life savings on it. Tell your advisor to open up that 401K because you have a better investment. But I couldn’t do it after I posted a video telling you that AB would never go to New England followed by him signing FORTY FIVE minutes later. But I digress.

The night started off with the banner reveal which was pretty quick. It’s always great to see but it’s like a comet, it lasts for 2 seconds and it’s gone. I’m going to argue seeing Gronk spike the ball was better than revealing the banner. It represented the Super Bowl win more than the banner. People were losing their minds when he came out too. I like to believe half of the stadium knew he was coming but the other half lost their brains when that saw that mug. Amazing.

The Patriots controlled the game as soon as the ball was kicked off. This Steelers team isn’t what it used to be, but it’s no joke. We’re talking about a team that set their franchise record in points last year. I don’t care if they lost AB, they still have a solid team. That defensive pass rush isn’t something to ignore either.

But the Patriots purely out classed them. There’s really not much to break down besides saying they made the Steelers their bitch. I’m sure Cam will break down the X’s and O’s but it’s like when a boxer just throws haymakers for 5 rounds then knocks him out. “Well John, he punched him in the face and body multiple times until he was near death. Then they called it.” That’s what happened tonight.

Karras does need to figure out how to snap the ball in shotgun. Turns out that’s important as a center in the NFL. Oh, and losing Cannon isn’t a good sign on a depleted and shallow offensive line. But we’re looking good.

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