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We Need More Kansas – K State Brawls

We need more Kansas – K State Brawls

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I was at the gym the other night getting my sweat on in the sauna. My cardio workout didn’t go as planned and I got off that hoe in around 7 minutes (lower back had a couple pains so I took it as an excuse to wrap things up). I decided to let the hot wooden room to do the work for me (that’s how it works).

The sauna has a TV in it covered in glass and they were playing some garbage time Kansas & K state basketball. I made up my own line for the game and started hoping the red headed Irish guy who usually rides the bench would toss up a three that would ruin a gamblers night. But then the brawl happened.

Kansas State vs Kansas BRAWL

THE HERO that was trying to steal the ball in the last few seconds should be suspended the most. I understand it’s a rivalry, I understand he’s trying to get his shine in garbage time, but it’s completely unnecessary. This rubs players the wrong way every time.

THE BLOCK was magnificent. That dude got his shit stuffed and he fell down. If that wasn’t emasculating enough, my mans stood over and taunted him. What a beautiful basketball moment, you can’t say you didn’t enjoy that. You know what happens when you steal the ball and try to get a layup with .5 seconds left in garbage time? You get BODIED.

THE BRAWL. Can’t get taunted and have opponents taunting your teammate’s existence. You have to get a couple shoves in and at least start a scuffle. Once things start to get crazy, pretend like a 60 year old coach is holding you back and you can’t get past him. It’s a formula that’s been working for years. Or you can take the approach of the dude by the hoop just moving left and right like he can’t find a seam to get in the scuffle.

THE CHAIR. Yeah, he picked up the chair. Yeah, it looked like he was thinking about using it. It doesn’t matter because he didn’t. So many outlets dramatizing this and showing stills of the chair over his head like he’s about to bring down the pain. Like he’s some WWE guy ready to squish someones head. He didn’t use the chair. So who cares.

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