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The Worst Draft Bust Ever?

The Worst Draft Bust Ever?

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I know what you’re thinking: Ryan Leaf. You may actually have a point there but here’s a dude I’ve never really heard about. You know what makes a draft bust even harder to swallow? Knowing that 4 future Hall of Famers were drafted around him. This dude was the #2 overall pick. The rest of the fellas in the top 5 had made it to the hall of fame including Troy Aikman, Deion and Barry Sanders, and Derrick Thomas. This was all in the 1989 draft, the year after Uncle Eric was born. I remember that day as vivid as this mornings breakfast.

FlemLo Raps makes great football vids. Check out the story of this meathead that screwed himself and the Green Bay Packers all together:

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