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Pats Grabbed A Fat L

Pats Grabbed A Fat L

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Sunday was a strange day. I really believe Vegas had some representatives sent out to all the NFL coaches and scripted outcomes. The lines sucked but teams decided to just not show up. Aaron Rodgers laid a phat (ph, i’m hip) egg against the Chargers who may be playing in the XFL next year.

“Haha, Eric you big dumb idiot. You’re saying that because you went 0-5 on NFL Sunday and lost cash. Nothing is rigged.” You would be correct in saying that. But talk about tossing a pile of salt in the wound with the Patriots last night.

The Patriots showed up with some dudes who might be working construction in 2020 (no disrespect to construction workers, build them buildings baby). Tom was catching some heat today about his play but there really wasn’t too much he could do. That offensive line was like a screen door to a grizzly bear. Edelman also had 3 dudes on him on a couple plays in the red zone. A tough go all around.

The real story of this game was the defense. ESPN asked the question if they were one of the best of all time. I think we forget this defense was seen as a liability mid year in 2018 until they started to click a little down the stretch (see the Super Bowl. Tom won it again).

This was all about seeing an offense that was as unique as it gets in the NFL. Other teams have gotten “college-y” on the Pats in the past. I remember the Dolphins just pounded the Patriots out of the wild cat way back (wayyyy back).

See my explanation below:

TheHookEric on the Patriots loss
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