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Patriots Go NUTS In Free Agency

Patriots Go NUTS In Free Agency

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So the Patriots are officially going ape shit in free agency. This is something that Bill Belichick has never really done before, but at the same time, he’s never exactly had this position before where he’s had this salary cap to work with. A couple of days ago, I was making my predictions about the season and I still hold this position.

I think my prediction is getting stronger. I think the Patriots are gonna win at least 10 games next season. Probably 11 games. If you really want to break down the schedule, the reason I made that prediction is I knew this day was coming for Belichick. I knew that there was going to be more free agents that were going to be signed by the Patriots either today or this week.

And Bill is wasting no time. He’s not letting any free agents go to any other teams. And! For somebody with ADHD, watching all these deals come through, it’s hard to keep up, but you got Jonu Smith, you got Godchaux the defensive tackle who’s going to fill a huge need for the Patriots on the defensive line.

They’re probably going to have to go out and get somebody else in the defensive line, but the tight end position that was a big need. And on average, when you take tight ends and you draft them, they take a couple of years to develop. So Asiasi and Dalton Keene are going to take a couple of years to develop.

Now you have this talented dude and I’m probably most excited about Smith to be completely honest with you because that’s the first indication of Bill saying that we need to go out and get weapons and we have more guys to sign, but I think there’s going to be another splash because there’s more money that he can go out and spend.

Especially if he gets rid of Gilmore and he trades away a couple of guys, it’s going to open the door to make more moves and really open this window for the next three to four years. I’m really starting to think that Belichick in his old age is really going to sprint in these next three to four years and just sit on Bruce Erin’s face.

He doesn’t know how to manage a cap like Belicheck does over the course of 20 years and keep a team competitive. Let’s just let everybody know who daddy is. It’s Bill still. And this is the first time where I’ve been really excited about him having a bag like this and him having money available to go out and get these dudes.

But. My prediction again was 10 wins for the Pats. It may even be more at this point, maybe 11, maybe 12 wins, depending on how many more moves they make. But, I loved everybody they signed today.

Especially with Jonnu, his versatility is great. He’s a perfect player for the Patriot system. He’s going to be playing a couple of different spots.

I believe he can go up on the line as well, if I’m thinking of the right guy, but all of these signings I’m really excited about again, Bourne is probably the only one that’s I’m kind of questioning, but there’s more money to be spent. And last year we were talking about this team that went 7-9 with all these opt-outs, you’re getting Hightower back this team that really competed well with all the adversity that they were facing.

You had the offensive line that was just constantly shuffling around. You had the opt-outs and then you had a bunch of injuries and there, there was no depth to that team.

I’m going to say right now the Kansas city chiefs might not even win Superbowls for the next 15 years. Even with Patrick Mahomes is on that team. He might call me crazy, but let’s just wait it out and see who’s right. Let’s also wait it out and see who’s right next year for the Patriots. When they win at least 10 games with this team, they’re going to be a defense first, uh, type squad.

And that’s, that’s pretty obvious they’re going to be running the rock a lot. That’s not going to change and adding these, these, this, you know, Johnny Smith, adding borne, adding Aguilar, and having those threats out there. And hopefully Julian Edelman comes back and he’s healthy. And potentially adding one other guy there, whether it be from the draft or whether it be from anywhere else [00:06:00] is going to open up this office.

Like we, we didn’t see the past really two years, even with Tom Brady, even that the 12 and 14, where that defense didn’t have to, didn’t have to respect anybody with, without running or anybody getting open deep. This is going to add a whole new dimension to this team and adding cam Newton. Uh, T to the mix where there’s even a third and fourth dimension.

Yeah. He’s got happy feet in the pocket. Yeah. He can’t throw the ball very well, but. It’s going to be really interesting to see when you have what you saw a couple of years ago with the defense, really playing the field position game and turning the ball over and given the ball to the offense and the other team zone and seeing how it all works out from the perspective of cam Newton, controlling the clock, running the ball a lot, and just having options to throw to.

Um, th that’s all I really have for, for today, besides that I’m just really excited and I’m, I’m essentially guaranteeing 10 wins [00:07:00] and also guaranteeing that the chiefs are not going to win a super bowl for the next 10 years as well. Um, just my 2 cents. I mean, if, if the chiefs go through injuries, I mean, there’s no, there’s going to be no depth to that team.

It’s going to be no depth. So, um, we’ll, we’ll see what happens with bell check over the next couple of days, because I don’t think he’s done. I think we’re going to go out and make a real splash at the wide receiver position. There’s still money left over. I think you’re going to see a Gilmore traded to the Cleveland Browns probably in the next week or so.

I don’t know why I’m getting the feeling for the Browns. I know there’s a lot of, um, rumors floating around with him going to the Browns, but it’s just the perfect fit. And they, they always take our players, but we will see, we will see a like, and subscribe if you can. Uh, this is podcast too. If you can review me in the podcast, appreciate that.

But Patriots are back in business. We’re back in the playoffs next year. Easy, at least a wild card spot, probably division winners, probably division winners. 

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