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NFL Might Expand Playoffs

NFL Might Expand Playoffs

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Way back in 2003, when most of you reading this were just new born babies, the NFL was thinking about expanding the playoffs to 14 teams. As a Patriot fan, I don’t think there really needs to be many changes to the playoff system (please see the 6 rings displayed in my trophy case. Just kidding I don’t have a trophy case. I barely can afford a Patriot tee shirt).

So who in the hell wanted to expand the playoffs? Look no further than Robert Kraft. He was one of the advocates for expanding the field. He was in favor of a 14 team playoff. Some were even in favor of a 16 team field. The 14 team playoff would give two teams a bye (one in each league). That would have been the Chiefs and the Saints last year.

Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt was in favor of the 16 team expansion (someone from Kansas City looking for some league changes? Get outa town). He told ESPN way back: “By and large, from the physical nature of this sport, the bye week is contrary to the idea that we try to sell that all teams have a fair chance. I will tell you in advance that I would favor having 16 teams in the playoffs so nobody has a bye. It’s a tremendous advantage having a bye.”

The players association and the owners are open to the change again and will start a bargaining session today. This will help offset revenue lost by cutting the preseason games.

I love playoff anything. Playoff darts, roshambo, some kickball. Adding more games would create some excitement (see Major League Baseball). I think it would be good to expand the playoffs, in say, 2025? That way Tom will be gone (maybe) and the bye week won’t mean as much when we’re running with a 20 year old quarterback who doesn’t know his right hand from his left.

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