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It was late at night and I was a little strung out on too much coffee. The Truly’s started to flow like wine and we got to podcasting. That’s when the preseason predictions started to go down. Of course, looking at all the matchups for the Patriots, I anticipated all wins. But that’s not how the world works. That’s why you play the game. When in Rome. (I’m done).

Football is a crazy game, especially when you’re playing the Bills and the city is partying like it’s the Super Bowl. I’m not even trolling here, even though it is in my MO to do that to the Bills. They have a really good team. And what I mean by a really good team, I mean a really good defense and an offense that looks like they discovered football yesterday. Josh Allen is talented, but he didn’t look great under pressure.

“Hey Eric, you big dumb idiot! All QB’s look bad under pressure! Read a damn book!” I know this. But Josh Allen was doing things like throwing off his back foot. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but I think he threw like 11 interceptions.

But this Bills defense? Stacked and well balanced. Mix in a banged up offensive line, I really thought my prediction of 2 L’s by the hands of the Bills was possible. I’m glad to be wrong:

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