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Michael Bennett For Julio Jones?

Michael Bennett for Julio Jones?

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It’s not gonna happen.

Now that you’re here though, trading away Michael Bennett makes a ton of sense. Is he a good asset on defense? Definitely. But here’s why you move him:

He’s been underutilized.  The linebackers have been kicking ass and taking names. They Pats have been heavy in using the 3-4 setup. If things are clicking and you have statistically one of the best defenses of all time through the first 7 games, you roll with what’s working. Have they been playing squads that look like they’re wearing blindfolds and would struggle in the XFL? Do those squads look like I could go try out and grab myself a slot role? Yes to both. But you have to give credit where credit is due.

Offense needs help. Tom and crew needs some help on that side of the ball. You could take a picture of Keanu Reeves behind that offensive line and it would look like a sequel to The Replacements. You could also put me in the slot receiver position (I have a few acting skills, see my YouTube channel). But now Flash is hurt, Edelman is banged up and we’re looking at Dorsett being our top guy. If we have extra bodies on defense, go grab a dude who can catch the ball.

I mean that’s kind of it. People are taking the Jets lightly but they don’t understand that Tom Brady can’t do it all on his own against any NFL team. Has this offense looked great in really any game so far? They’ve had a couple games they looked good but now remove basically all their best players on offense.

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