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Jules & Nick Wright Feud.

Jules & Nick Wright Feud.

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Nick Wright has a big nose.

Alright, that’s out the way. You know what? No it’s not. Nick Wright grinds my gears. When he was breaking down the Chiefs & Patriots AFC Championship the week before it happened, he was praising the Chiefs defense. I don’t know what it is about people using worthless stats to create excitement and awe (the Chiefs at home kept opponents “under 30 points for the last 15 games at Arrowhead” while 90% of those teams were in the bottom 8 of offensive points scored) but it makes me want to punt babies.

This theory here is something else. I can’t even tell if these people mean what they say anymore. In my opinion, Matty P giving up a high draft pick in exchange for a cover letter for the Patriots is career suicide. He won’t be an NFL head coach down the line if he pulls something like this to get a pat on the back from his fishing buddy in Billy B. Hey, that’s just me though.

I think Jules agrees with me and he responded with this (since has been deleted):

Such a quick quip from Jules. Just saw how ridiculous this clip was and basically went with a “yer dumb.” Did I get thrown under the bus in all of this, being a man who Rogaines my crown and gets on both knees and prays for some sprouts? I did. But I’ll take a bullet here. Here was Wrights response:

I think Wright knows how ridiculous that video clip was. And Jules just hit him with a backhand on Twitter. It struck a nerve, obviously. Jules 1, the Beak 0.

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