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I’m Sick Of Major League Baseball.

I’m Sick Of Major League Baseball.

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I made this video before the Astros train wreck of an apology. I honestly didn’t expect them to say much. They committed the worst act in the history of baseball and got away with it. Won a World Series from using video cameras to steal signs and all the players will be on the field come opening day. And don’t come at a homie about the Red Sox, I’m on record saying the rings should be taken back if the Sox were busted.

Major League Baseball already was facing issues before this scandal took place. Most notably: the social media restrictions. I remember when Bryce Harper was getting started in the show. He hit a massive home run and ran the bases like Sonic the Hedgehog. Not gonna lie, I’m not a big Bryce guy. But I was pacing around my living room watching that play on the “At Bat” app and texting my friends about it. Guess what? I couldn’t share the video anywhere on social media. My buddies either had to watch it on Sportscenter, which most of my friends don’t have because they bailed on cable, or they had to use their imagination to picture the play based on my beautiful descriptions via text.

The MLB and Rob Manfred decided to monetize this app and keep fringe fans from seeing these types of plays. Made a good little bag there, Rob, but now you lost out on a lot of new eyeballs (as Trevor Bauer put beautifully).

Let’s piggy back on how many stars you have that don’t have enough hype. Mike Trout, one of the best baseball players of all time, is not a household name like other top players are. Christiano Ronaldo is a global star that even non soccer fans know. Tom Brady, LeBron James, Tiger Woods? All on a different stratosphere. Your sister doesn’t know Mike Trout not because “baseball is boring” but because his brilliance hasn’t been put on display on social media platforms.

So now we’ve entered this head space of “what can we change to get more eyeballs on this thing?” Uh, I don’t know Rob, maybe we should have a March Madness single elimination style tournament where everyone gets in the playoffs. You’re certainly moving in that direction. How are regular season games going to matter more when your squad loses and it won’t have a bigger impact? It’s not about winning those games, it’s about fear of loss as a fan.

I don’t know man. I don’t know.

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