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I Yelled At A Guy In The Parking Lot

I Yelled At A Guy In The Parking Lot

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Yeah that was a tough game to be at. Not a point scored in the second half and all the boys in red, white and blue had to do was punch out a field goal. Not a tall order for the greatest of all time but it certainly was this year. This roster obviously didn’t have nearly enough firepower and they weren’t going to make a run.

But my mans (I didn’t know who he was) mentioned “listening to Max Kellerman is going to be rough.” I wasn’t a fan of that statement as I believe that no-one on earth should be watching that show (even though I do from time to time). Did I lash out rudely? Yes. Was it an emotional response after a shitty game? Yes it was. Hear the story in this week’s episode of Couch Coaches on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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