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Gronk Spiked Steve Harvey’s Head

Gronk Spiked Steve Harvey’s Head

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This video just turned into one of my favorites of all time. There’s a lot going on here.

  1. Steve Harvey seems genuinely annoyed by Gronk
  2. Gronk is wearing a helmet and jersey from the 1930’s
  3. Gronks dancing in the face of angry Steve and committed to staying on brand is amazing
  4. Someone genuinely saying “what’s wrong with you?” after doing something stupid is never not funny.

I’m going to be honest, because I don’t like talking any mess about Gronk, but his schtick has been the same for a long time. He spikes things, dances with his shirt off and says meathead things. I always chuckle at it though, because I’m obligated to. He’s been such a legend for the Pats. This was a good reboot for the brand. #GoGronkGo

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