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Gronk Screwed Over NO-ONE

Gronk Screwed Over NO-ONE

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Gronk was traded to the Buccaneers last night. The timeline of first rumblings of rumor with actual substance to trade transaction was around an hour. Wild times. I cracked a beer immediately upon the news. It wasn’t angry drinking, it was “time is passing” type drinking. I ain’t mad a Rob and you shouldn’t be either.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t be upset with Gronk:

  1. He wasn’t going to play with the Patriots. “What a traitor!” they’re saying. “How could he!” the fans are declaring in their quarantined homes. If he’s not going to come back to the Patriots, who gives a shit where he goes? He can go link up with Tom down in Tampa and have dinner with my parents after each game for all I care. The man was set on taking time off and a great situation was going to pull him back in. The Patriots offense is not that great situation. He would be a BIG focal point of the New England offense and take on a massive load of blocking and getting double teamed. In Tampa? You have Evans, Godwin and other young talent. He doesn’t have to beat himself up as much with those options out there. It was either stay retired or be in the best offense in the league. I get it. You know why? If you’re conscious about your health like he is, that work load is important. I probably would have done the same. If he came back and joined the Browns or something, then you have a beef.
  2. He wanted to play with Tom. Remember when Belichick wanted to unload Gronk and get picks back and Gronk threatened to retire? You ALL loved that move. We got to keep Gronk and we went to 2 more Super Bowls. Tom Brady is his quarterback. He didn’t want to learn to mesh with another guy. This is on brand for him: he’s always been about playing with the GOAT. This time, it didn’t work out in our favor. But he’s been consistent.
  3. His timing didn’t screw anyone over. Leverage. Every single business deal has it. You know who had leverage here? The Bucs. Gronk was either going to stay retired or play with Tampa. When you’re dealing with that from Belichick’s standpoint, you don’t have leverage. It doesn’t matter if this conversation happens a month ago or this morning. At the end of the day, we had a retired player on the shelf and got a 4th rounder for him. A big positive.
  4. Value of the pick. Yeah Gronk is a top 100 player of all time. He’s unbelievable, and he’s going to be good again this year. Even though he’s going to have to beef up a little bit, he should be an animal. And I get it, the Gronk name carries some weight. You should be getting some value in return. But you know what Tampa is getting? Gronk with 1 year left on his contract. It’s not often 2nd round picks are given up for guys with 1 year left unless they have a long term deal in place.

It’d be nice to live in a world where players didn’t have preferences, they didn’t get paid and they all played for their home towns but that’s not the world we live in. There is no scenario where Gronk was playing for the Patriots this year, so who gives a shit?

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