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Did Jarett Stidham Blow His State Championship?

Did Jarett Stidham Blow His State Championship?

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I’m not the type of guy to wish I had another life. I think it’s unhealthy to think in that direction. But I can’t lie to you and say I don’t sometimes wish I chose a profession that had to do with space. Or acting. Hell, I still kick myself for not applying to Harvard. Such a waste of brain talent over here to focus my time on sports blogs.

The one other life I wish I could experience would be playing football in High School in the middle of Texas. I’ve lived there. I’ve seen the hype. It’s got a small town “professional” feel. The town seriously treats these dudes like mini celebrities. Well, the ones that are studs. Jarett Stidham was one of those dudes in Texas.

Anyways, I was up last night at 330 watching this thing. PatsPerfect was on Instagram live as well watching Remember the Titans. Then I realized I should find my own show. This was awesome:

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