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DeShaun Watson To The Patriots Is A Real Possibility

DeShaun Watson To the Patriots is a Real Possibility

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Deshaun Watson. If you’re not familiar, he’s a really good NFL quarterback. Throws the rock like a damn Marvel character. Has the legs on Olympic sprinter. He’s truly one of the quarterbacks in the “new NFL” that Tom Brady wasn’t apparently able to keep up in until he was signed by the Bucs.

Here’s the twist: DeShaun is playing behind a mediocre offensive line and now dealing with losing an incredible wide receiver in DeAndre Hopkins. My guy was averaging 1300 yards/season over the past 3 years. Billy O-B got rid of him because of internal issues and received an over the hill running back in return. But hey, he did swap 4th round picks so maybe he won the locker room over with that one. Can’t throw the deep ball anymore but maybe they’ll grab themselves a shiny new defensive back from THE Miami University of Ohio.

The rumblings are hitting the sports tabloids about Billy O-B losing the Texans locker room and they have to be real. To ditch one of the best wide receivers in the game is a tough pill to swallow for DeShaun. They’ve had a good couple years but now is the time to get over the hump and chase a ring. Can Bill (O’Brien) build a team effectively if he doesn’t have a quarterback on a rookie deal?

The likelihood of DeShaun being traded this year are slim to none. I know this, why would the Texans want to? It would take D-man to hold out on the last year of his contract which most likely won’t happen. You gotta secure the bag in the year of your franchise tag, that’s what I always say.

Speaking of franchise tagging, that possibility is strong as well. Maybe a franchise tag and trade is in the works and if the Patriots value the man like I do, maybe they’ll be willing to unload some of those assets included Jarret Stidham. Sounds a bit crazy but rock in the boat with me for a second here. The team around Stidham will be run heavy and this offense won’t be pass first. I could see Jay Bay Bay putting together an impressive and respectable season (for a rookie) and becoming a target for the Texans.

Nothing like a Belichick polished quarterback and a draft pick for a quarterback you’re going to lose anyways, am I right? Will any other team have anything like that to offer?

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