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Chris D’Elia Vs. DirecTV Is Perfect.

Chris D’Elia Vs. DirecTV is perfect.

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I got ripped off on a TV once. Well I didn’t but my parents did. And I took it personally. There was a problem with their brand new, $1K smart TV. Screen wasn’t working properly. You know that dude who has a shattered screen on his iPhone and you wonder why he doesn’t get that fixed? Yeah it was like that.

Best Buy said it was most likely our fault the TV was broken and they wouldn’t cover it. Wild. I’m sure they gotta protect against fraud but damn. So your guy here created a Twitter account called “not best buy.” I searched for all tweets aimed at their customer service account and threw gas on the fire to all of them. “Yeah Kyle, sounds like you really got bent over with them. They don’t care about you!” I really put some effort into it.

That’s when I wished I had a giant social media following. Where you could really start to make the tier 3 customer support guys sweat. Anyways, if you need to kill 15 minutes in your cube, this is amazing:

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