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Carol Baskin: NOT Guilty

Carol Baskin: NOT Guilty

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Before we jump into some of these details: shame on you. Shame on you for being played like a fiddle by the producer of Tiger King. This is America. We live in a country where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Did Carol Baskin kill her husband? That possibility is there. But what story are you sticking to? Is he under the sewer? Was he fed to lions (who apparently eat bones whole and break them down into nothing because of their “stomach acid”). What’s the story?

Let me ask you a question: have you ever lived with a significant other? If you had the chance to sneak away to COSTA RICA, would you have taken that opportunity? If she’s as “crazy” as you say she is, wouldn’t her husband be incentivized to dip? This is the same guy that picked up Carol before he even knew her, had her get in the car to talk and had her point a gun at him so she felt safe. Not exactly a straight shooter (pun completely intended). Homeboy wanted out in my opinion.

Carol FUCKIN Baskins

So your evidence that you point at. Let’s get started on this:

The change in the will. So allegedly Carol changed some wording in the will so she got the money. If your husband disappears, you midas whale get the money. Nothing crazy here. I like money, you like money. Change some legalize to get your bag.

Sardine oil. Oh, Carol was familiar with oil that goes on food that makes it more appetizing for a lion to eat it? Wild that a full time Lion keeper knows what Lions like to eat. It’s like calling a baseball player suspicious for knowing too much about pine tar. Wake up people.

The van. So our boy was DED and buried by Carol and there was no evidence left behind. So she took an extra step to drive the van down there to create a narrative? Girl could have been spotted. Also, how did she get back? Did she ride a Lion back to town? Full fledged moron if you believe she took the van there.

Threats. She threatened to kill him did she? Our guy here is smart. He wanted a divorce and didn’t want her to have any of the money. She inherited somewhere between 1-10M. Guy probably left her a little pile of cash when he left and flew to where his off shore money was. A win for him.

I don’t expect you to reach out and apologize for jumping to conclusions and joining this mob of watchers. But you should look in the mirror and say “be better” to yourself.

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