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Cam Newton SUCKS

Cam Newton SUCKS

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Heyyyyo Hookfam it’s your favorite Hookster TheHookMike here and I gotta get something off my chest. Cam Newton sucks now. Yup I said it big whoop you wanna fight about it? Last night was fucking verrrry hard to watch. Watching those two QBs was rough. Not only because the NFL Network was using a T-mobile sidekick for a camera but because they absolutely couldn’t throw the ball past 10 yards. Newton was 28-41 2Tds and 1 INT. Winston actually had decent numbers 20-30 249 2 TDs. But if you could bare to watch that game it was fucking sloppy as hell. How the hell do you not get in at the end there but whatever that’s not what we’re here for. I’m here to tell you Newton may be one of the biggest ex mvp busts in NFL history.

Newton has been in the league since 2011 and only has 3 winning seasons and only 7 playoff games as a starting QB. in 2015 he won the league MVP and lost to the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. After that he’s only made the playoffs one time. To me he just doesn’t have it anymore. With two shoulder surgeries he just can’t throw the ball deep anymore. With a weapon like McCaffery he still struggles. I mean he just lost to a team that literally doesn’t want to win this year.

I don’t know maybe I am just salty because he’s fucked me two years now as my damn fantasy QB and all I got is Carr as fucking back up. Or maybe the proof is just in the game film and him only leading the Panthers to 3 winning seasons in 7 years. Players fall off I get it, but how do you win MVP then the very next year go 6-8? I don’t think Cam will ever be a top tier QB and think he had one miracle year. Sorry Cam maybe worry less about looking like Harriet Tubman at your press conferences and win some damn games. Maybe then I’ll change my mind.

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