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Broke And Bored? GOOD! Pick Up Your Phone And Bet.

Broke and Bored? GOOD! Pick up your phone and bet.

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NCAA Saturday is upon us. I usually wait things out for 4-5 weeks in College Football to get a good grip on the football landscape. I’m not a degenerate to full capacity. I like betting, but I like winning cash.

It took me a while to get HookPicks back up. I was ready to give up on it. I was. I truly was guys. But with great power (240 followers) comes great responsibility. And now The Hook Nate has chimed in. If you don’t know him, he studies college football all minutes of the day. Rumor has it that he throws on college radio when he’s sleeping. He wakes up with more knowledge.

Nate’s picks via the text message:

“Pitt -4 over Miami all day, I don’t like your Iowa pick, Kinda like Tennessee too, UMass +10, Hawaii -10, Bama -32, Temple +11.”

Here are my picks:

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