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Barstool Sells For An Absurd Amount Of Money

Barstool Sells For An Absurd Amount Of Money

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David Portnoy has sold a large chunk of Barstool to Penn National Gaming for $163M for 36% stake in the company. They’ll add another $62M in 3 years to cross the 50% ownership mark and will have controlling ownership.

I got a laugh out of this because Mookie Betts asked for $420M from the Red Sox. I legit LOL every time I see that amount. Not because I don’t think players deserve money (I don’t hate on any human that can get any amount of money based on the open market) but it’s just a hilarious amount of cash.

It’s obvious Barstool has been an influence for me, I don’t hide from that. Back in 2009 when I was living in the North End and going to Suffolk, we were broke as could be. Wall decor wasn’t exactly the top of our list of expenses (Keystone Lights were on top of that list if you’re wondering). We read Barstool newspapers on the train all the time so we put the covers all over our walls. Filled it out nicely.

Back then, Pres built this thing that seemed like an underground media presence. Only certain types of people were grabbing these newspapers and the writing seemed so honest and raw. He wasn’t afraid to say the things we all thought.

Back then the internet wasn’t as saturated as it is now. I’ve been listening to “Circles” by Mac Miller. He credits seizing the moment of that time period and making videos on YouTube for getting big. Pres is no different. He saw the opportunity and took it.

A lot of people want to knock Pres for the type of work he’s done. They point to having a “blog” and just getting lucky. Truth of the matter is it’s insanely difficult to build something like that. I mean, look at me with this thing. If you’ve made it this deep in my article, it’s a miracle.

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