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Addiction’s No Joke

Addiction’s No Joke

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Hey Hookfam long time no talk! Missed ya guys. I am back and I want to write about something that to me strikes close to home. A few days ago Josh Gordon was reinstated by Rodger Goodell and returned to the Patriots after being suspended indefinitely. If you didn’t know last year in mid December Gordon announced he was stepping away from the Patriots, which later we found out he was suspended for violating the leagues substance abuse policy. Gordon has a long history of mental health and substance abuse problems, You all most likely know this because it has been a stigma that has followed him most his career. We have all heard the stories of his drug use before, during, and after games (if you want to hear more go to Erics video on him). Most people shit on him and just dismiss him as a human because he can catch footballs well and gets paid for it. They forget that he is a human being. They forget that addiction is a ongoing battle that 1 and 7 Americans deal with.

Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand why their loved one can’t just stop using the substance that is hurting or slowly killing them. The reason it’s so difficult for people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction is that it isn’t just a habit, it’s a disease. When a person takes drugs or drink booze over a period of time, it can change their brain circuits. It is proven that addiction changes the way that crucial parts of the brain function so much that the person has a very hard time stopping their use of drugs or alcohol even when they really want to. Researchers call this the “brain disease model of addiction.” They view drug and alcohol addiction not as a problem caused by a lack of willpower, but instead as an illness that needs treatment. There was numerous reports of Josh Gordon saying he wanted to stop but just couldn’t. This is a product of addiction taking over and his mental heath. Yet people still want to shit on him. Let me ask you this do you think deep down Josh Gordon wants ruin his life and lose money? I dont. I just think he needs the proper help and the right setting

I am 1000% rooting for you Josh. Mental health and addiction is something that is looked at as second rate medical problems and some people actually dismiss is at all together. To those people I ask have you ever stepped outside and for no reason feel like you are in danger or just get anxious? Or maybe sleep 10 hours a week because anxiety wont allow you to sleep? To me Josh was self medicating because it was the only way he knew how to go about his day as normal as possible. He was in a culture in football where he felt like if he asked for help he would be seen as weak in a league where everyone battles to be the alpha.

So before you judge take a second to walk in someones shoes because you have zero clue what demons they have.

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