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Bellichick – Brady Phone Transcript LEAKED

Bellichick – Brady Phone Transcript LEAKED

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It’s been silence from Tom Brady and Patriots camp. No one has given any tips or clues on what is going on here. Is Tom playing for the Patriots? Is Mike Vrabel inviting Tom over for some vino and 2001 Super Bowl highlights trying to pull him? Is starting a new Boston franchise for the XFL an option? We won’t know.

Tom Brady and Big Bill apparently had a phone conversation “per source.” Here’s what the Boston Herald wrote:

The two connected by phone Tuesday, and their conversation about Brady’s pending free agency “didn’t go well,” per a source.

It was the first time Belichick had contacted Brady about his contract situation, and the Patriots’ plans going forward. The source wouldn’t shed further light on the discussion, or the particulars, other than noting it wasn’t all that fruitful.

Tommy Football

That was it. The rest of the article just talks about the market for Tom Brady. You may be thinking “well, Eric, that’s hardly anything to fret about. That’s the media doing their thing! Trying to get clicks!” Speaking of getting clicks, Tom E Curran used the phrase “clicks make the world go round” on Barstool Radio when Pres confronted him about him creating rumors. But I digress.

What Barstool doesn’t have, and what the rest of the media doesn’t have, is the underground connection that Uncle E does. My guy who works at Comcast tapped the phones and got me a transcript (same guy who worked in the Town and helped Affleck get a taste of that bank money in the North End). Here is the (exclusive) transcript:

Bill: Hello?

Tom: Sup Bill, it’s Tommy boy.

Bill: Sup you pretty boy, you coming down to Nantucket for some Whiteclaws this summer? Linda slow cooks some brisket, it’s to die for.

Tom: Yeah, I’m down but I’m calling for business not pleasure. I’m a free agent here, when are we going to get something done?

Bill: Gotta wait on the CBA, then we’ll get something done.

Tom: Media is going crazy, making shit up about me and Vrabel linking up? Let’s get this done ASAP so these cameras get out of my face.

Bill: Word, baby boy. Let’s meet up end of March

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