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Why I Made The Josh Gordon Video

Why I Made The Josh Gordon Video


I’m going to start pushing out more original videos because the goal of this website is to completely escape the reality of doing the same shitty work that makes you want to jump off the nearest cliff and to replace that reality with acting a fool on the internets.

There was no need for that intro. But you got it. You got it.

Beyond that underlying analysis on why I make videos and blogs is the story of Josh Gordon. It’s one thats been talked about over and over again since his initial suspension with the Browns back in 2013 (?).

My video on Josh Gordon’s story.

There’s been plenty of heat on the brass of the NFL for suspending him for “only weed.” It’s quite obvious that Josh struggles with more than weed, and the most recent suspension seemed to be more than that as well:

I haven’t followed his story closely over the years but I followed it close enough. Close enough that when I see comments on my Instagram page (@thehookeric go follow) it drives me crazy. Mainly the ones that have the narrative of “we got guys out here hitting women and Josh Gordon gets the red light for smoking a little weed?! What world do we live in!”

Obviously the NFL has some issues with domestic violence but that isn’t related to this situation. The story is about Josh Gordon’s entire history and the reality of what he’s actually dealing with.

The second reason I made this is to help shed a little light on those that like to take a big dump on Josh. You know, the Logan Pauls of the world who have no gauge on mental health issues and where they stem from. Sure, Josh has screwed up plenty of opportunities to have a great career that engulfs him in riches and fame. But people really don’t understand that having a ton of money and being good at football doesn’t exactly solve those issues.

The story of Josh shouldn’t be told in a 3 minute video but I feel like it’s good to give people more context, even if it’s quick. The dudes been through a lot and it’s interesting to see his growth.

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