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Trip To North Korea? Nah I’m Good.

Trip To North Korea? Nah I’m Good.

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This dudes YouTube channel is the best. He goes to some of areas that you probably shouldn’t go to. There’s a list of countries that I have in mind that I’d rather cut off my pinky than take a chance with. Although I wouldn’t be able to drink a martini (2 olives) properly, it would be worth the expense. The countries I’m talking about? Iraq, Iran, Venezuela and NORTH KOREA.

Yeah, the same North Korea that makes you bow every time you see a picture of the “supreme leaders.” The same North Korea that has concentration camps. The same North Korea that can throw you in that camp for having too much dust on your picture of Kim Jong Un. If you don’t recall, an American took a poster off a wall in a hotel while on a visit and was tortured for doing so. I mean, I know some of you bow to me because of my 13 hits a day from this blog, but I would never go on a power trip. Ever.

This entire video series is strange. There are so many eerie parts about it. In one section, it’s obvious he’s getting followed. He gives questions to citizens about living in North Korea and they’re being intimidated by this guy.

I don’t have too many funny things to say about this video. But it’s super interesting if you’re into travel stuff. And incredibly suppressive dictatorships that remove all freedom to all it’s citizens and endanger humanity. But I digress.

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