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The Hook Mike Went MIA

The Hook Mike Went MIA


This is your Uncle Eric speaking here everyone. The Bruins season ended a month ago, and it hit me hard in the stomach. You know what’s weird? I don’t really care all that much about the Bruins if I’m being honest. I’m not a hockey hater, it’s just not a sport I ever really played much of. I like watching the game in person but I never really grew into it as a fan.

But once the Bruins make it to the playoffs, I turn it on. If Boston had a rochambeau team, I’d be diehard in a playoff situation. But I remember watching that game 7 loss thanking the heavens I wasn’t invested completely.

There’s something about hockey games that are extremely stressful. In baseball, you have some downtime that you can gather yourself (can be a bad thing too), the NFL you have between plays as well. Hockey? It’s just a constant pull at the heart strings. A shot of anxiety with a little chaser of panic attack.

I don’t know how the Bruins diehards did that night. So many shots on net, nothing doing. It was obvious it was the Blues night. Anyways, Mike’s back in action.

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