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That Game Sucked

That Game Sucked

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My family loves going to the early season games 1 o’clocks. A late September matchup is usually ideal for the trip, not going to knock that thought track. The leaves haven’t fallen off the trees, the sun is still out in the 80’s and the beer is flowing like wine.

The problem I had with that game is I had to buy an extra ticket (we had 5 people) and we were playing the Jets. I went on Seatgeek and Ticketmaster and found the cheapest one at 180. Side note on these platforms, it’s a pile of horse shit they don’t max out their fees. I paid over a GRAND in fees for Super Bowl tickets last year. But I digress. Actually no, I don’t digress, I was at the Super Bowl last year. It was dope. Now I digress.

The Jets were playing with a backup of a backup quarterback. He was so bad I decided to not even try to remember his name. You could tell me Ray Finkle was under center this weekend and I’d have a shot at buying it.

Sony Michel punched that ball in and the game was basically over. The only chance the Jets had was to get a couple fluke turnovers early in the game and apply a little pressure. As it turns out, the fluke turnovers happen at the end of the game and Uncle E didn’t cover the 23.5 points.

I really do think the Buffalo game will be a decent one. That defense is going to cause problems for the offensive line. Was I three sheets to the wind when I said the Bills would beat the Pats in our pre-season predictions? Yes I was. But they’re playing well right now, even against a bad few teams.

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