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Sony Michel’s Knee Is Scrambled Eggs

Sony Michel’s Knee Is Scrambled Eggs

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I’ve been rocking a lot of Joyner Lucas on my runs lately. It serves as ideal background music as I dream about being drafted by the MLB at age 31 and bringing some random team to the promised land. Maybe Cleveland. Idk why I go there in my mind but it gets the people (me) going. I make it to that next light pole and cap off that 9 minute mile. Then I remember my knee is almost bone on bone.

What does that have to do with Sony Michel? Well a similar injury but nothing really. I just wanted to let you know that I still have dreams in case it keeps you up at night.

But The Hook Nate pointed out that Sony Michel’s knee is like two bearings in a wheel. Just rubbing against each other and he’s looking at a pretty short career. Turns out your knee needs to be in tip top shape if you’re trying to cut through super humans that are super human even before the supplements. And by supplements I mean aggressive steroids and painkillers that make you forget you’re in this galaxy.


He underwent a knee scope this offseason (that I somehow missed) that is fairly minor. I know this because before I read that it’s just small camera to get a peek at the knee joint, I pictured a miniature sized ice cream scoop going into a hole in the knee and removing large amounts of jelly fish like substances. But I digress (great smart person phrase).

The knee injury in college is also something I forgot about. It’s the reason why he (almost) slipped into the second round. But what I also read about was his ACL tear in high school. It’s been a long history.

There isn’t really any breaking news to this blog, I just wanted to let everyone know the state of this dudes knee. If I were him, I’d get my money now. I’d sit indian style in the corner of the film room (if my knee would let me) and pout until I got that money. But Sony’s got more class than me it looks like.

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