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Should The Pats Sign The YouTube Kicker?

Should The Pats Sign The YouTube Kicker?

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Gostkowski missed a couple yesterday. Missing extra points is never a good thing. In his defense, the Patriots scored a million touchdowns so he had a million chances to screw up.

The title of this blog is a joke. Gostkowski is a future Patriots hall of famer. He’s been super reliable his entire career and the Pats won’t move on from him anytime soon. If you’re curious why, see the Bears. They were on their knees crying because they finally found a kicker that can knock down 40 yard kicks.

Say what you want, but Gost is still a top dawg in the league. He’s having a bad streak right now but he’ll be fine. But JUST IN CASE, we have this YouTube kicker banging 60 yarders.

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