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Open Letter To U Of Miami Administration: Why I Don’t Care Anymore

Open Letter to U of Miami administration: Why I don’t care anymore

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Really, it’s because you don’t care. It’s not the team losing. It’s not the fact that you took a once high powered Ferrari and turned it into a hatchback prius, it’s that you don’t care to improve it. Once the guaranteed money from joining the ACC came in 2004; the desire to be great and strive for greatness on the field (at least administratively) is gone. You don’t care if the team wins 8 games or the 3 or 4 they’re going to end up with this year—just as long as the noise isn’t too loud and the gravy train keeps rolling. The lack of accountability has permeated the entire department and your values don’t match up to mine or many of the fans who have supported you their entire life.

After all, the “U” is a brand. A brand that has taken the place of what once was a, “play anyone, anytime, any place” attitude that fueled thousands of fans and young kids growing up who were attracted to that kind of attitude to strive for greatness and posses a fearless attitude. You don’t care what happens on the field as long as the players stay out of trouble and your agenda continued to be carried out. That agenda becomes clearer everyday–evidenced with the second in-command being Jennifer Strawley who’s main strength is her focus on diversity (per the Miami website) and her twitter account being riddled with any other kind of athletics program at Miami other than Football—despite her being the direct admin for the program. Seems kind of fishy to me, but you guys do you and I’ll do me. I prefer people qualified in these topics. (Not meant to be a shot at diversity–I could care less if the admin/coach was a bunny rabbit if we were winning).

How about Blake James (athletic director)? He’s overseen the programs big three sports (football, basketball, and baseball) all fall from national prominence under his watch. Why is he not being held accountable for these failures?

Miami’s defeated Athletic Director Blake James

I’ve “suffered” through the last 4 head coaches in football who all offered some semblance of hope. If it wasn’t abundantly clear that the athletic program from the top down has no idea what it’s doing; let’s revisit the most recent coaching search for football…

December 30th 2018 – Mark Richt resigns as football coach. Athletics “Director” Blake James says a national search will be ran to find the best man to lead Miami forward. No less than 12 hours pass, and Miami announces Manny Diaz, former defensive coordinator who just left to take the head job at Temple would take over. National search completed. The national search consisted of Blake, either finding Manny cleaning out his office or you running into him in the shitter and saying, “Say Manny, do I have a job for you”. What did it cost to pry him away from Temple? 4 million dollars. 4 million to hire the man that was already inside your building. I can’t make this shit up. What a national search. You turned over every stone to make sure we got the right man.

This is not meant as a shot at Manny Diaz, who, in my educated opinion is in over his head as a head coach (see being 3-4 despite a crap schedule and losing to Georgia Tech). But a systemic and cultural acceptance of mediocrity and cronyism that has engulfed the entire university. I am not an alum but I was a former donor. I still have my rejection letter from the university, I kept it around as motivation. But what for? The University of Miami has spit on it’s fans and donors and have done a disservice to literally hundreds of student-athletes that have passed through the Hecht athletic facility promising dreams of national relevance and preparing them for a future. Instead, they have hired yes men instead of the qualified and innovative coaches who once made Miami great. We once played passionate, inspired football. Now we have our kids acting disinterested, laughing on the sidelines of losses and falling asleep in meetings when former players come back to talk to them. This is definitely the #NewMiami we have heard a lot about over the offseason. I just didn’t know that what they meant was a self-entitled and under qualified leadership leading this ship further and further away from the shore. So I’m abandoning ship.

You can take this as my rejection letter to you.. As the recruits today say; I have decided to de-commit from the University of Miami. Please respect my decision.

Canes players after being stunned by Georgia Tech 10/19/19. Photo Courtesy:
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