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Is Antonio Brown Coming Back To New England?

Is Antonio Brown Coming Back to New England?

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This Patriots offense could use a hand or two. With no deep threat and no possibility to run the damn ball, the screens and short passes just don’t work. The offense has become as 1 dimensional as they’ve ever been.

But now we’re hearing some rumors about Antonio Browns return.

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Possibly? 🤔

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Yeah we can’t believe everything that we see on the internet. One Tweet doesn’t exactly give me confidence. But there’s a few bread crumbs that are starting to mold together to make a loaf (I just made that up, don’t you dare steal that).

More rumors came about a couple days ago saying that Antonio Brown was requested to share a public apology on Instagram. Not the most credible Twitter account but has the social proof of 150K+ followers.

There is optimism coming from Antonio’s side from a legal perspective. In a nutshell, they’re saying he’s countersuing to the maximum based on the woman ruining his career. They’re also sending the message that he’s under a contract that doesn’t allow him to release certain information pertaining to this situation that would speed up the trial (aka, he’s got some dirt).

I don’t know man, there’s some pretty garbage human beings in the NFL. Antonio has still not been proven guilty. It’ll be interesting to see.

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