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I Can’t Stand The Hook Nate

I Can’t Stand The Hook Nate

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Just kidding, I love him. But for the sake of this head to head action, this manufactured beef is a must. Think of it as a Broadway play. Or for you wrestling fans, a WWE match. We’re mortal enemies once the weekend hits. The Coyote vs The Roadrunner. The blue guy vs the red guy in sock em robots. Alex Rodriguez vs Jason Varitek. Now The Hook Nate vs The Hook Eric.

Nate loves football. And he certainly knows more about the X’s and O’s than I do. BUT, when it comes to capping, I believe I have him in this regard. I understand Vegas’ mindset when setting lines. I know traps when I see them. I’ve stepped in an incredible amount of them to not. I guarantee a better record than Nate come season’s end.

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