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I Am Officially Over Gronk!

I am officially over Gronk!

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One of his newest videos came out today after teasing it for a few days saying he had a “big announcement” to make. Many people speculated it could be a return since the Nov 30 deadline allowing him to be eligible for the playoffs was approaching. Come to find out he’s just doing some stupid ass rave at the Super Bowl in Miami. Now I honestly wasn’t one of those people who thought he was going to announce his comeback but with the way this offense is playing I didn’t absolutely close the door of possibility. What did he do? Made a god damn mockery of us Patriots fans to earn views and content and fuck if i’m gonna stand for this shit. He’s done it more than once, not so much getting our hopes up but maintaining the thought that it’s a possibility and I’m not going to indulge in his tactics anymore. To me he’s not really funny and the goofy Gronk was awesome when he was A Patriot but I just am losing love for him. He’s trying to stay relevant through Patriots nation and the NFL and that’s not going to last forever.

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Sorry not sorry

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So guess what ROB I am done! Yup, don’t call don’t text I’m over you. Twitter- DELETED, Instagram- DELETED, jersey i have of yours- no actually i’m gonna keep that, it’s a Super Bowl one and pretty expensive but other than that BYE FELICIA. Unless of course you’re back in the field wearing number 87.

P.S. I’m a little disappointed in Thomas for playing into his charade but he’s TB12 so I’ll let it slide.

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