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Coach Jason Brown Ditched Us

Coach Jason Brown Ditched Us


Coach Jason Brown of Last Chance U is a wild animal. If you live under a rock and prefer to watch Stranger Things (I watch both it’s fine, but you need to prioritize) you’re a big dumb idiot. It’s must watch TV. It gives you the intensity of football mixed with some fellas that are scratching and clawing for their shot at the show (some DI or even D2 football).

We had our people reach out to some of Coach Jason Browns people a couple weeks ago. And by that I mean I emailed him on his Gmail address. We had a bunch of back and forth, talking about scheme and different coverages in the chat. And by that I mean I said “do you want to come on our podcast?” and he said “sure, when?”

That was just as good as the back and forth about scheme.

We were pumped. I had all of the Hookers asking if they could get on this one (of course). But Couch Coaches has been building up slow and steady. Are we a Joe Rogan production talking about how DMT can help you see aliens with Elon Musk? No we’re not.

Coach’s nickname should be Casper because he ghosted the living shit out of us. A couple follow up emails and he was nowhere to be found. Was it possible that his people realized that our podcast only has a couple thousand plays? Sure, it’s possible. But he didn’t have to go throwing it in our faces by going on that hack Theo Vonns podcast. And by hack I mean I fucking love that dude and I’m just devastated I didn’t get called a slap-dick over the phone. Good interview though. I’m such a pussy for plugging this:

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