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Brett Favre Had Zero Idea What A Nickel Defense Was…

Brett Favre Had Zero Idea What a Nickel Defense Was…

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I used to play Madden all the time growing up. Hell, I’m debating getting a console and setting up shop to show you all how to do it. I’m sure you’re pretty good but I doubt you remember what it was like setting up a defense to contain Michael Vick in 2004. That shit was impossible. I had a few plays up my sleeve to really put a halt to that “dual threat” type offense.

Anyways, this video really blew my mind. Brett Favre had no idea what a nickel defense was. Well, he didn’t know the “label” of nickel defense, I’m sure he knew how to attack a defense that was a little quicker on their feet. Just throw the ball ten times harder and squeak it into those tight windows.

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know what half of the football defenses mean. This may seem wild to you knowing that I was a 5’8” JV quarterback that knew how to pitch in an option offense but it’s true. Football terminology is excessive. Just listen to John Gruden call a play, “banana right, juice first third, ramlin cahones, peaches and bender caught brick left.” Anyways, watch Cam’s breakdown. His videos will educate you:

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