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Big Papi Almost Dying Is Settling In

Big Papi Almost Dying Is Settling In

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I’m an odd individual in ten million ways. One of them is that it takes me a full week to understand and process big life events. You could have Samuel L Jackson come on the TV announcing that a mega virus has taken over the United States and the zombie apocalypse is finally going down. “You better have a heavy shovel or hoe you can swing around to knock out some heavy breathin’ green people, mother fucker.” I wouldn’t move off the couch. Really wouldn’t care until I saw people around me dropping like flies.

The David Ortiz story was crazy in a million ways itself. It was almost too crazy that a part of my brain ignored the whole thing. “Nah, there’s no way he’s dying.” A dude that seems invincible can’t go to his home country and get shot in the back. It felt like fake news to be honest.

I really thought the story was going to evolve into “wrong place, wrong time.” Maybe he was mixed in a club with gangsters he wasn’t aware of and got hit by a stray bullet. That’s the max I expected.

I saw the video and it became real. Which is a huge flaw not only for me but for most people. It’s the same reason why you hear about domestic violence in the NFL and they’re playing within 6 weeks. If it’s on video like Ray Rice? That person gets exiled from his profession and society. The video really makes it a reality.

Digressed there a little bit but you catch my drift. Today I was thinking about if that shooter ended up being successful. Side note: how bad of a hitman do you have to be to be point blank and not get the job done? Someone should remind the drug lord of the phrase “you get what you pay for.” You’re that rich and you hire a slum dog for $3400?

Anyways, if the shooter had been successful it would have oddly added to Papi’s legend. Think about all of the musicians that passed away young. Their fame compounds.

Ortiz has been upgraded to “good” in the hospital. That’s an actual medical term to give a status on a patient. Keep it simple baby. Papi will be out and about in no time.

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