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Antonio Brown Is Covering Up

Antonio Brown is Covering Up

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I don’t meant to toot my own horn here, but I predicted some drama would happen with Antonio Brown. Not exactly a “hot take” with how things unfolded in Pittsburgh as he was a one man wrecking crew for team culture. The man did everything wrong and somehow still convinced himself that he was in the right. I feel like I’m writing a story on all of my ex’s. But I digress.

This is the dumbest story we’ve seen in the past year. Antonio Brown went into a cryotherapy chamber without and boots on. You’re talking about stepping into a chamber at -100 degrees. Don’t ask me about the C/F because it doesn’t matter at that temp. Read a damn book fellas.

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The AB circus has started in PRESEASON

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But now his feet are absolutely jacked up. I refuse to share that picture again because it’s disgusting. It looks like he dipped his feet into some kind of mud mask, let it harden and then started to peel off. Except it’s not that, it’s his actual skin. But I digress for a second time, fellas.

He can’t run at full speed. He did something incredibly stupid and can’t function. I can’t think of something that is on this level of stupid. Maybe going into a sauna and telling someone to lock you in? Then setting a timer and telling them to come back in 45 minutes.

I’ve deflected quite a bit in my life, so I know this game well. You’ve done something dumb so you create another story to take the attention off the big one. When I was a kid getting in trouble, there were small ways to soften the blow. You got in trouble for something at school? Point out one of the pipes in the basement is leaking. A leaky pipe is higher on the food chain than a D on a test.

That’s what I believe he’s doing. Is the helmet really that bad for his vision? I really don’t buy that. Maybe the hole is a little smaller? Maybe them periferals don’t have the wide angle view anymore. But guy. You stomped your feet to get out of Pittsburg and grab a massive contract? And now you’re going to halt that because of a piece of equipment? This is the dumbest story I’ve seen in some time.

Not only that, you’re building a case for more owners not to pay people. I personally wasn’t someone who would pay a diva wide receiver. They’re due to act up.

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